Signature Agency Branch Graphics

1/8/2020 5:27:05 PM

Signature agencies can add and delete graphics that are utilized for customization of Signature's online tools and micro sites. These are added through SigNet under Tools & Reports >> Branch Graphics. These include:

  • Special Offer Banner; used on Customize Print and E-mail functions and may be placed on top of consumer view able offers.
  • General Banner; may be used when creating Emarketing campaigns instead of using the "Special Offer Banner" above.
  • Spot Logo; Used for spot placement on consumer view able documents.
  • New Cruise Booking Engine Logo; This graphic will display within the new Cruise Booking Engine as well as within booking confirmations.
  • EMC Template Header - Standard Format; appears at the top of your email campaigns with your logo and phone number.
  • EMC Footer Graphic: HTML or Graphic - This graphic appears towards the bottom of your email campaigns and serves as an additional (optional) branding opportunity.
  • Micro site Header; displays on the micro sites that you choose.
  • High Resolution Black & White Logo
  • High Resolution Color Logo

After reviewing this section in SigNet, if you determine that this is a bit over your head, ADVAIA can create and load all the graphics for you. The one-time fee is $100.00 and includes all the formats above. To request that ADVAIA creates and loads your Branch Graphics, please email us.

Complete the Credit Card Authorization form. You MUST include your SigNet login credentials on the form so that we can complete the work order.