Keeping your Clients/Followers engaged for Future Travel

4/2/2020 1:33:03 PM

Engage with your clients and followers through your site and Social Media

The entire world has come to a grinding halt due to the Coronavirus. With most of the world ordering stay-in-place, people are looking for ways to stay connected and engage with each other in very creative ways. Social Media is the most used medium during this time and people are getting very creative in finding new ways to engage and keep their minds occupied on things other than news of the virus, numbers and politics. They are watching series on Netflix, HBO, etc., listening to music, engaging with family and friends on ZOOM and FaceTime; any means that they can find to stay positive.

Signature Travel Network has created a multitude of ways that you can keep your clients engaged on your web sites and across your Social Media platforms. These are very creative ways to inspire your clients and stimulate their minds on where they want to go next or what they want to do once this is all over and it is safe to travel once again.

This also allows you to learn more and share that learning with your followers. While you learn about a destination, you engage with your followers in that destination. The world is limitless with topics and ideas. This page provides you with all the tools you need to help stimulate your followers and viewers. The more creative you become, the more they will follow you. And once all this is over, who do you think they will contact? It's about engaging for the future where there is limitless possibilities!

Digital Media Toolkit - Videos

Add the "DREAM BIG" video to your home page Welcome area. Your clients will be presented with the "Dream Big" video as well as ways to keep their travel dreams alive by discovering the mysteries of Stonehenge, the volcanoes of Hawai'i and the masterpieces in the Louvre from the comfort of home, as we present them with virtual tours of top museums, major landmarks and national parks. Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your SignNet account
  2. Go to Marketing tab on left
  3. Select Digital Media Toolkit
  4. At the top, Select the Videos tab
  5. Find the "DREAM BIG" select VIMEO Link. This will open the video in VIMEO
  6. On the video page select SHARE button. This opens a pop-up
  7. From the video copy the EMBED code
  8. Open your CMS and go to WELCOME COPY or ABOUT US COPY
  9. Next to the DESCRIPTION click on the SOURCE button. This will change the wyziwig to the HTML mode.
  10. Move to the bottom of the HTML code and place your cursor there
  11. Paste the EMBED code from #7 above
  12. Remove the line of code for the width and height. It may look like this: width="640" height="360"
  14. Go to your live home page and scroll to the Welcome copy. You will see the video player at the bottom.
  15. If you do not see the player, follow these instructions again.

Other videos are available for suppliers, destinations so that you can swap out videos often on your home page. You can also add any of these videos to your About Us section by following the same instruction above.

Value of a Travel Advisor Graphics

You can also spice up your social media pages and your Banner ad space on your home page with a variety of graphics created by Signature for the value of a travel agent and destination and supplier content. Use the banners to promote the advantage of having a travel advisor on a variety of platforms.
Select the links to view the image then right click to save or download image.
View a tutorial on how to upload our videos on Facebook!

Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into SigNet
  2. Go to Marketing tab on left then Digital Media Tool Kit
  3. Click Value of a Travel Adviser tab (top left)
  4. Look for this line in the copy: View a tutorial on how to upload our videos on Facebook! Click here for more details.
  5. Click on the link and follow the training video

Other titles include Why Work with a Travel Agent, Keep Dreaming, Stay Inspired and more. These are meant to be used on Instagram, Facebook, your banner area and videos for your Welcome and About Us pages.

Digital Media Banners for your home page and Social Media pages

It's time to move on from the Corona Virus banner and start stimulating your clients to think about future vacation planning for when things get back to normal. Signature has created a variety of Banners for your web site, Facebook and Instagram pages. Buttons are also available for pushing these to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Under Digital Media Toolkit select "DIGITAL BANNERS" tab. For instructions on using the Digital Media Banners CLICK HERE.

Each includes a Signature landing page that is branded to your agency. There are so many to choose from. See supplier banners, destinations, Real ID and more. Swap them out weekly and promote on yoru social media platforms.

Signature Connect email

Signature sends out "SIGNATURE CONNECT" daily where you can find a wealth of tools, resources and webinars. Keep your site and social media platforms growing and changing by checking out this email when it comes to your inbox. This email provides incredible ideas for your Marketing Program that we discussed in March in out last webinar.

Topics include:


Also look for Signature's Weekly Marketing Update by Christine Conklin offering new training opportunities now for you and your teams to refresh or learn new skills to maximize the marketing for you. E-Mail Marketing updates, all the new Digital Media that are being released and more.

New Discoveries Webinar Series

Presented by Ignacio Maza.

In the spirit of learning and growing during these unprecedented times, Join Ignacio as we launch a new series of training webinars. When the world opens up again, we want you to be ready to plan new itineraries and inspire your clients to discover great destinations.

Discoveries Webinar Series topics:

  • Insights about great destinations worldwide
  • Highlights of each city, including top things to see and do
  • Unique experiences with our preferred destination specialists that create a WOW factor
  • The inside track into best-selling Signature hotels
  • Ideas for 'day trips' and extending the journey to other regions
  • Practical advice and additional resources

Find out more by logging into SigNet and going to your DASHBOARD and look for New Discoveries Webinars series.