Honeymoon Registry


This Honeymoon Registry product allows your website visitors looking for a honeymoon package to sign up and create an account on your website.

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The Wedding Couple will be able to create their own unique website by filling their own wedding information.

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Once their account is set up the Wedding Couple will be able to submit a Honeymoon Package Request to you, detailing their preferred travel dates and destinations.

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You will receive an email and via admin panel you will be able to add and manage honeymoon travel packages for each couple. Once completed, the couple will see the packages you have put together for them.

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In the meantime, the wedding couple can create a guest list of family and friends and inform them of the packages they have available on their own unique web page that you have put together for them.

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Guest will be able to review packages and submit payments view the website. These payments will be posted in a database where you (the agent) will be able to manage for each guest.

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